Making your office green

Somewhere in the English county, an IT Company West Midlands is taking painstaking steps to save energy while running its day-to-day data and networking activities. There is a good reason why old office equipment the likes of dot matrix printers, oversize fax machines, and old computers don't make the cut any more in modern work environments. It's not only that they look outdated or plain simple eyesores. More importantly, they consume way more energy than their newer counterparts.

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Going LED Both Ways

It's just the way of the world as any IT company West Midlands will tell you. Just the usage of LED lights in office machines is a telltale sign that there is some serious energy conservation effort going on. Even better, replacing lighting fixtures at work with LED as opposed to incandescent or fluorescent lights can have a significant cost impact on energy usage. The modern lighting alternative does not need to get hot in order to function. In addition, going LED can cut total energy consumption in the office by as much as 10.

The Real Rationale Behind Energy Efficiency

Furthermore, Energy Star and other standards for modern office equipment all have their share in reducing power utilisation. However little the percentage of savings, conservation should still be observed for environmental responsibility purposes. To an IT company West Midlands it really doesn't matter who's realising the savings.

The bottom line is, everyone is responsible for conserving energy whether there is abundance or scarcity. The fact remains that there will always be a scarcity of resources for as long as humans live on only one planet. And even if humanity were to find another habitat soon in the solar system, wasting energy could never be justified.

It's like keeping your laptop on for no reason at the food court shopping mall. You can't care less if you're using the electricity supplied by the mall so long as it's free. However, this is a defeatist if not a selfish kind of mentality that doesn't augur well for the future of the planet and the entire species as a whole.

Leaving the water running while brushing your teeth or showering longer than necessary are just some more behaviours that will continue to deplete our planet's resources as the world population goes over the 7-billion mark. Never mind which person or entity benefits from all the conservation efforts. Wasting is wasting in the end, it doesn't really matter whose pocket gets drained.

The Nearly Endless Number of Ways to Conserve Energy

Aside from using modern business machines, converting to energy efficient windows at the office level may have an associated cost as far as installation and materials are concerned. But when you factor in all the energy saved over the long term, taking the step would be completely justified. Next generation windows prevent heat from escaping, which is such a big factor during the cold winter months. The trick is in the type of glass used. Low emissivity glass lets ultraviolet rays escape windows during the summer months but traps the same rays in winter to boost room heating.

If your boss can't afford to invest in the technology to harness solar power yet, you can suggest the sunroof option if feasible so that the work area wouldn't require as much lighting during the daytime. The list goes on and on. There are many ways to lower power consumption when you put your mind and heart to it. Recently made computer screens and CPUs are more advanced but they are also designed to consume less power compared to the bulky computers and cathode ray tubes of long ago.

The Momentum and Inertia of Clean Energy

Unfortunately, the exponential increase in the sheer number of smart phones, tablets and high-tech laptops worldwide is causing a kind of anti-climax or inertia to all the clean energy initiatives being put in place. In order to counteract this trend, recycling efforts will need to be stepped up. Ultimately, every little thing counts in the fight to roll back global warming.